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What a Testimony!




Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, God Almighty!

It was in the prison cell that her dad cried out to God and was strengthened.

We don’t have to go to jail to be true believers, maybe, but just how much do we suffer for the sake of the Kingdom? I’m not the toughest Joe out there, but I want to be, for God’s sake. Yet, God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.  

He wants you to depend on Him for things, not trust in bank accounts, lottery, retirement plans, school loans, and whatever else we hope for.  Have hopes, but have hopes for the right things, I feel I should tell you and myself.

A wise man told me that when you’ve been a Christian for a while, there isn’t a whole lot of new information under the sun you need to learn: we just need to be reminded and told with conviction, like that we see in this video.  We don’t need master a lot of things; we need to be mastered by a few very great things.